Life On The Road

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Artist and writer William Morris once said, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” I whispered these words to myself one warm May morning as I hauled boxes of my belongings into my uncle’s basement. He had generously offered to store 95 percent of what I owned.

Although I am not a packrat, I did value many of my more sentimental possessions, such as boxes of letters and photographs, keepsakes and treasures from my travels, as well as my artwork and supplies. I pared down what I could, but still ended up with a couple carloads of stuff. Then Kyle and I set out on our one-way road trip with the vague idea of moving to my hometown in Northern California. Beyond that, we had no concrete plans. It was a liberating and unnerving sensation.

The frustration and anxiety I’d felt over the preceding weeks of delay seemed to dissolve with every mile traveled.
– John Doe

We felt free with few plans and few possessions. Our wanderings were guided by a collaborative project called The Free Dwellers. Our plan was to interview individuals and families living alternative, ecologically-minded lifestyles. We were enchanted with the radical notion of living simply, purging material possessions and reconnecting with nature.

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